Small Leaks Sink Ships


Small Leaks is currently a four-peice that lives in Portland, OR which consists of Jim Mandel Jr., Judd Hancock, London Van Rooy, and Ryan Garner.

The sounds they make have evolved over the years with critics describing their first LP as an intricate math-rock quartet using progressive song structures. Until The World Is Happy; Wake Up You Sleepyhead Sun received praise in Alternative Press, and several other music publications. 

In 2008, Small Leaks acquired Ryan Garner and Rafael Macias, who helped the band evolve their musical catalog for the next two years.
What would have been a massive double LP was cut short when Ryan Garner was hit by a car at the end of 2009 and spent the next year recovering as the band broke the LP into a more manageable 5-track, EP entitled Oak St. Basement.

Almost immediately following the EP release in January of 2011, the band’s cross country tour was cancelled as Judd Hancock had been diagnosed with cancer. Once again, the LP was put on hold as Judd recovered.

Meanwhile, the band had begun writing short weekly etudes, called Monday Minestrone, releasing a new song every Monday for 22 weeks. This was necessary because the band had accumulated an abundant amount of unreleased material that their fans demanded to hear. Ten of these single-session takes were released on cassette through Rubber Brother records.

Just as Small Leaks was ready to begin playing again, Rafael Macias broke his collarbone in a vespa accident and the band was sidelined yet again.

Refusing to be stopped by shattered spines, missing testicles, and enough metal bone reconstruction to make Wolverine cringe, the band hunkered down back into the sanctity of their own Oak St. Basement and self recorded the missing material needed to complete their first full length album in seven years- Face Yourself, and Remove Your Sandals – a ten track auditory painting which should in essence, musically describe what it means to play music in Small Leaks.